I wanted to provide a quick heads-up to let you all know that I will be participating as a panelist at the Linda Hall Library’s “Second Saturday Conversation”  tomorrow, March 11th, from 11 AM to noon Central Time.  The topic will be the hopes, concerns, and possibilities for research funding, infrastructure projects, and energy development under the new Trump administration, which should prove to be a fruitful topic. I’m looking forward to an excellent discussion.  I will be joined by Gretchen Ivy, ‎Planning Group Director and Associate Vice President for HNTB Corporation and Sarah Zanders, PhD, Assistant Investigator for the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

For those of you that are not familiar with the Linda Hall Library, it is one of the world’s foremost independent research libraries devoted to science, engineering, and technology, located in Kansas City.  It is a fantastic organization with an admirable mission statement, and I’m thrilled that they’ve asked me to participate in this conversation.

For more information about the event, please visit http://www.lindahall.org/event/second-saturday-conversation-science-outlook-2017/.  I’m also told that the discussion will be live-streamed, so if you are not able to attend in person, feel free to check out their website and view the proceedings online.